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Venerdì 12 Agosto 2022
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Italy, US reaffirm 'strong and broad' partnership

During talks in Washington, Italy's prime minister Mario Draghi and United States president Joe Biden underlined the strength and scope of the partnership between their two countries and their commitment to working together to tackle the current global crises, among them Ukraine.

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Biden hails amity, 'strong partnership' with Italy

United States president Joe Biden underscored his country's "friendship and strong partnership" with Italy ahead of talks in Washington with premier Mario Draghi, which will centre on the Ukraine conflict.

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Ukraine conflict focus of Draghi-Biden talks

Russia's 78-day-old invasion of Ukraine and humanitarian aid to its war-afflicted population will be at the centre of talks between Italy's premier Mario Draghi and US president Joe Biden during talks in Washington on Tuesday between the two leaders.

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