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Domenica 22 Maggio 2022
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Russia's ejection of Italian diplomats 'expected'

Russia's announcement on Wednesday that it would expel 24 Italian officials was "expected" and will not weaken diplomatic efforts to end the war in Ukraine, according to foreign minister Luigi Di Maio.

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World risks 'bread war' warns Di Maio

As Russia's 11-week-old invasion of Ukraine continues to block its grain exports and disrupt shipping in the Black Sea, the world is in danger of a global "bread war", Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio has warned.

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Italy and Germany strengthening cooperation

Italy and Germany are looking to achieve "ever more ambitious cooperation" also on obtaining a negotiated, lasting peace settlement between Russia and Ukraine, the foreign ministry tweeted on Friday.

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Di Maio opens G7 ministerial session on Mideast, North Africa

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio is opening an "exchange of views" on the Middle East and Africa taking place at the G7 foreign ministers meeting, which kicks off the in northern Germany on Thursday, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

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Need to limit impact of Ukraine crisis on hunger - Italy

Nations must not allow Russia's 77-day-old invasion of Ukraine - a major grain exporter whose ports are blocked - to trigger food shortages and further price hikes that would spell disaster for millions more people in the word, Italy has warned.

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Di Maio underlines need for European unity

The European Union's unity is crucial to meet the difficult challenges of our times, such as the Coronavirus pandemic and Russia's devastating offensive in Ukraine, Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday.

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New Bangalore consulate boosts Italy-India ties

Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio has inaugurated Italy's new consulate in India's 'Silicon Valley' - the southern city of Bangalore - a move which he said will bolster bilateral business, scientific and technology ties.

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Italy to help rebuild Ukraine

Italy wants to help in the reconstruction Ukraine, which has been devastated by Russia's "insane" war, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Wednesday.

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Di Maio deplores missile strikes in Kiev

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Thursday condemned the missile attacks on a residential building in Kiev during a visit the city by UN chief Antonio Guterres and urged an immediate end to Russia's 64-day-old war in Ukraine.

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Italy to continue paying in euros for Russian gas

Italy will keep paying for Russian gas in euros, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said Wednesday, after Russian energy giant Gazprom cut off supplies to Poland and Bulgaria over their refusal to pay for gas in roubles.

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France, Italy agree 'permanent coordination' on Ukraine crisis

Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian have agree there will be "permanent coordination" between Italy and France to help Ukraine and to end the deepening conflict following Russia's invasion over two months ago.

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Italy pushing for European gas price cap

Italy will keep striving for a natural gas price-cap in Europe to reduce the impact on families and companies of soaring energy costs amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to foreign minister Luigi Di Maio.

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