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Lunedì 18 Ottobre 2021
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Over 40mn people 'one step away from famine'

A total 41 million people in the world are perilously close to famine, the Rome-based United Nations World Food Programme tweeted on Friday. calling for adequate funds to save lives.

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World Food Programme aided record 114m in 2020

The United Nations World Food Programme gave live-saving aid to a record 114 million people last year, its executive director David Beasley tweeted on Friday, urging nations to help save millions from famine.

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Yemen facing worst famine in modern times - UN

Yemen is heading for "the biggest famine in modern history" and 400,000 children could die this year in the war-ravaged country unless nations act and a US-backed Saudi blockade is lifted, a top UN official warned on Thursday.

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Yemen facing famine says WFP chief Beasley

Famine is looming in war-wracked Yemen, where 16 million people - over half the population - already don't know where their next meal is coming from, David Beasley, Rome-based UN World Food Programme chief, stated on Thursday.

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Time running out to avert famine in Yemen - UN

The window to prevent famine in Yemen is narrowing as new figures show hunger has reached record levels in the war-torn country, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Programme and UNICEF warned on Thursday.

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