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Environmental Activity "Joining Hands with Clean Energy, Sharing a Better Life" Held in Greece

ATHENS, Greece , May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 26th, "Joining hands with clean energy, sharing a better life—simulation exercise of emergency rescue for enterprises" was held in Gramatikach Wind Farm, Greece. This is one of the open day activities of China Energy Europe Renewable Energy. It aims to deepen the knowledge and understanding of green and clean energy among local Greek youth, enhance the emergency rescue capability of enterprises, and increase the environmental protection and sel...

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Life Science Alliance journal publishes results of plitidepsin in patients with COVID-19, which includes additional data on its antiviral activity against Delta and Omicron variants

- The final results of the APLICOV-PC study (Phase I-II), which were initially released last May and which the Company shared with the scientific community, demonstrate the safety of plitidepsin's use in patients with COVID-19 and postulate a positive therapeutic impact on the evolution of the disease.

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