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Italy eyes new space collaboration projects

Top industries and trade associations from Italy's aerospace sector were set to explore new space cooperation projects at an event in Rome that kicked off on Monday attended by top officials from the International Italian-Latin American Organization's 18 national space agencies and the European Space Agency.

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Di Maio takes part in key OECD meeting

Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio is due on Thursday to attend a meeting in Paris of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's Ministerial Council - a key OECD body - which Italy is chairing this year.

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Indonesia's G20 HWG Meeting Series Urges World Leaders to Be Prepared for Future Pandemics

LOMBOK, Indonesia, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The second Health Working Group (HWG) meeting brought global leaders to initiate a new global emergency fund for future pandemics and focused on facilitating greater sharing of genomic sequencing data, as well as how the Financing Intermediary Fund (FIF) functions under the World bank in preparing for future pandemics.

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Italy highlights Moldova's needs amid Ukraine crisis

A friends of Moldova meeting will take place in Berlin next week, Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Wednesday, noting that the large number of refugees it has been hosting since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February has put huge pressure on its economy.

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ENI skips Putin meeting with top Italian companies

Oil and gas giant ENI shunned a controversial online meeting between Russian president Vladimir Putin and leading Italian CEOs to boost bilateral business ties, which went ahead amid rising tensions over Ukraine, a company spokesperson told Adnkronos on Thursday.

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Draghi to meet Scholz 'within days'

Italy's premier Mario Draghi on Thursday congratulated Germany's new Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the start of his mandate and during their phonecall the two leaders agreed to meet "in the coming days", said a statement from Draghi's office.

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Cisco è Partner della Conferenza Globale sul Clima

Milano, 25 ottobre 2021 - Cisco di nuovo in campo sul tema del clima. Come partner principale della Conferenza delle Nazioni Unite sul Cambiamento Climatico (COP 26) in programma a Glasgow dal 31 ottobre al 12 novembre, l’azienda metterà a disposizione tutto il suo supporto tecnologico per garantire lo svolgimento dei lavori in maniera flessibile e inclusiva. Grazie infatti alla piattaforma Legislate for Webex - progettata per realizzare in tutta sicurezza le conversazioni a distanza - i partecip...

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Di Maio, al-Jaber eye Expo 2020 Dubai to renew bilateral ties

The Expo 2020 Dubai world fair opening in October is an ideal opportunity for Italy and the United Arab Emirates to relaunch bilateral ties, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and UAE industry minister Sultan Ahmad al- Jaber agreed during talks in New York on Wednesday.

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Di Maio chairs meeting on Afghan women, girls

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio was on Tuesday due to chair a meeting in New York on how to safeguard Afghan women and girls, especially their right to education, following last month's Taliban takeover.

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Di Maio attends EU ministerial meeting on Afghanistan

Italy's foreign minister Luigi di Maio is taking part in a European Union ministerial meeting in Slovenia on Thursday and Friday that will centre on the crisis in Afghanistan, according to foreign ministry officials.

Italy, India to extend economic ties

Italy and India have agreed to deepen their cooperation in the food processing, innovation and start-up sectors and to explore new trade opportunities in the textiles and leathers sectors, the foreign ministry said on Friday.

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Draghi to hold talks with Tunisian president Saied

Italy's premier Mario Draghi will on Wednesday meet with Tunisia's president Kais Saied at Palazzo Chigi, the prime minister's office in Rome, said a statement on the government's website. The statement gave no meeting agenda.

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