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Sabato 21 Maggio 2022
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Vattani new envoy to Singapore

Career diplomat Mario Andrea Vattani, 54, is Italy's new ambassador to Singapore, the foreign ministry announced in a statement on Monday.

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Italy gets new Ecuadorian envoy

President Sergio Mattarella has approved the nomination of Miguel Falconi Puig as Ecuador's new ambassador to Italy, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

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Italy looks to bolster ties with Kazakhstan

The government wants to bolster its "excellent" relations with Kazakhstan, Italy's new ambassador to the Asian country, Marco Alberti, stated on Wednesday, according to a foreign ministry tweet.

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Sweden gets new Italian ambassador

Italy's new envoy to Sweden, Vinicio Mati, has taken up his post, the foreign ministry stated on Friday in a tweet that underlined "the deep friendship" between the two countries.

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Italy gets new Ethiopian ambassador

Demitu Hambsia Bonsa is set to take up her post as Ethiopia's new envoy to Italy after a president Sergio Mattarella approved her appointment, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

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Bulgaria gets new Italian ambassador

The foreign ministry on Wednesday sent good wishes to Italy's new envoy to Bulgaria, Giuseppina Zarra, saying it wanted to renew the "historic" ties binding the two European Union and Nato members.

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