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New relationship with Libya - Di Maio

Italy is entering "a new era" of relations with Libya and is focussing on continually improving security conditions in the war-ravaged country and on landmark polls scheduled for late December, Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Wednesday.

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Di Maio urges stronger Italy-US ties amid COVID-19 pandemic

Italy must further strengthen relations with its ally the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio stated on Tuesday after talks with US counterpart Antony Blinken on the sidelines of a Nato summit in Brussels.

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Italy, US relationship 'special' - Di Maio

Italy and the United States will always be bound by a unique friendship and a strategic partnership, foreign minister Di Maio wrote Tuesday in a tweet congratulating Antony Blinken on a Senate vote confirming him as US secretary of state.

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Outgoing envoy Eisenberg hails US-Italy unity

Outgoing United States ambassador to Italy Lewis Eisenberg on Friday lauded his country's historic bond with Italy, "especially in times of crisis" as well the "steady leadership" provided by president Sergio Mattarella.

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Italy eyes EU-US mediation role during Biden presidency

Italy will work "tirelessly" to boost bilateral ties with the United States and, as a European Union founder member, to mediate between the 27-member bloc and the US, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio stated on Monday ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration next week as US president.

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Fishermen held in Libya 'speak to families'

Members of a group of 12 Sicilian fishermen detained in eastern Libya since the beginning of September for allegedly entering the country's coastal waters, have spoken by phone to their families, sources at the foreign ministry said on Thursday.

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Niger 'strategic' partner for Italy - Del Re

Niger's role in regional and international affairs makes it a key partner for Italy, which plans to ramp up cooperation with the African country, deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re tweeted Thursday during a visit.

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