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Martedì 30 Novembre 2021
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Nearly 600 Italians repatriated from Africa, Gulf

Over 580 Italian citizens returned home aboard flights on Wednesday from Morocco, Oman, Kenya and Niger, bringing to some 107,000 the total number of Italians repatriated since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

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Nearly 900 Italians repatriated from Morocco

A total 850 Italians returned to Italy over night by ferry from Morocco in what was the fifth such repatriation operation since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, the embassy tweeted.

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Almost 1,830 Italians repatriated from Argentina

A total 228 citizens returned to Italy from Argentina on Wednesday, bringing to 1,828 the repatriations from the country since the COVID-19 pandemic began in mid-March, the Italian embassy tweeted.

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