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Mercoledì 05 Ottobre 2022
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to a Vigorous business pipeline

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Sound Results for illimity Also in the Second Quarter of 2022

Net Profit of 15.8 Million Euro (+6% Y/Y), Bringing the Net Result for the First Half Year to 31.5 Million Euro (+15% vs 1H21)Earnings Driven by Growth in Revenue, Which Rose to 80.6 Million Euro in 2Q22 (+13% Y/Y), illimity’s Best Quarterly Figure, and to 159 Million Euro in 1H22 (+25% Y/Y)Net Customer Loans at 3.2 Billion Euro (+37% Y/Y)Excellent Asset Quality and Capital Base:Organic NPE Ratio1 of 0.9% and CET1 Ratio of Over 17%2Purchase of Arec Finalised at the End of the Quarter,Positioning ...

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