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Huawei Unveils Intelligent Power Transmission Line Inspection Solution 2.0 -- Detect Risks and Protect Lines

BARCELONA, Spain, March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Mobile World Congress 2022, during the industrial digital transformation summit, Huawei unveiled the Intelligent Power Transmission Line Inspection Solution 2.0. Through two sub-solutions — channel visualization and tower foundation safety — it addresses some of the key issues in manual line inspection and tower foundation perimeter safety. The solution is slated to help electric power enterprises detect each risk and protect each line. 

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Zoomlion Releases World's Largest Top-Slewing Tower Crane, Leading the Era of Super-Large Tower Cranes

CHANGDE, China, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's largest top-slewing tower crane, W12000-450, has rolled off the assembly line at the intelligent tower crane manufacturing base of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. ("Zoomlion"; 1157.HK) in Changde, Hunan Province. Zoomlion especially designed and built the model for the world's largest road-rail cable-stayed bridge project, the Changzhou-Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge integrating an expressway, ordinary highway and inte...

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Stellantis Next-To, inaugurata a Torino la prima multifunction tower

È stata inaugurata ieri mattina a Torino la prima Tower Multifunction del progetto Next-To di Stellantis ed Edisu Piemonte. Sostenibile, multifunzione, smart e con servizi di pubblica utilità sono le caratteristiche principali della Tower firmata dalla startup Solerzia. Prende così sempre più corpo la sinergia siglata lo scorso febbraio tra l’Ente regionale di diritto allo studio universitario piemontese e Stellantis i cui obiettivi sono la promozione della sostenibilità ambientale, con una parti...

Zoomlion Releases First Tower Crane Safety Declaration, Calling for Enhanced Safety Standards

XIONG'AN NEW AREA, China, Sept. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion), a leading Chinese manufacturer of construction machinery and heavy equipment, has published the world's first enterprise tower crane safety declaration during the 2020 Zoomlion Xiong'an Construction Convention and Tower Crane Safety Summit on September 14 in Xiong'an New Area, a state-level new area next to the Chinese capital Beijing, inviting industry-wide participation in...

Zoomlion's Localized Strategy Wins Recognition in Global High-end Markets

CHANGSHA, China, July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion) has scored continuous global success in the first-half of 2020, including the record-breaking export of tower cranes to South Korea, delivery of its latest ZAT2000 all-terrain crane to Qatar, and new orders of T6515-8KC tower cranes from Slovenia.

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