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World is on your side, Draghi tells Ukraine

Ukraine has the entire world's backing, Italy's premier Mario Draghi said on Thursday during a visit to the war-wracked country with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Italy, Czech Republic strengthen cooperation

Italy and the Czech Republic will coordinate more closely on the main international issues and bolster their economic, trade and cultural ties, the foreign ministry tweeted on Tuesday.

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Italian embassy staff visit injured policeman in Tripoli

Officials from Italy's embassy in Tripoli have visited a Libyan diplomatic policeman who was injured in clashes last week between rival militias when Fathi Bashagha, the premier appointed by the eastern parliament in briefly tried to take over the capital.

Ukraine, Libya at the centre of Sequi's US talks

Russia's war on Ukraine, Libya and the fight against terrorism were set to be the focus of talks in Washington between Italy's foreign ministry secretary-general, Ettore Sequi, and senior US government officials, the ministry said in a statement on Friday.

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Algerian gas 'crucial' in Ukraine conflict

Italy wants to boost cooperation with Algeria, a key energy supplier, to help safeguard Italian and European energy needs amid the escalating Russia-Ukraine conflict, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday.

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Sereni to visit Ethiopia in bid to help end conflict

Italys' deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni will visit Ethiopia as part of efforts to end the deadly 15-month conflict in the north of the country and get the warring sides to "dialogue with Europe", she said on Wednesday.

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Di Maio in Kiev visit on Tuesday

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio will visit Kiev on Tuesday, he wrote on Facebook as fears continue to grow among NATO allies that Russia is poised to invade Ukraine after massing troops at its borders.

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Guterres in official visit to Lebanon

United Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres will arrive in Lebanon on Sunday for a four-day official visit to the crisis-hit country, the Italian-led UNIFIL peacekeeping force said in a statement.

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Govts should work with religious institutions - Sereni

Cooperation between national governments and religious institutions is crucial to the fair distribution of vaccines, safeguarding society's poorest and to ending discrimination and intolerance, deputy foreign minister Marina Sereni said on Wednesday.

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Grandi thanks Pakistan for helping Afghan refugees

During a trip to Pakistan, United Nations refugee agency chief Filippo Grandi on Friday thanked the government for its humanitarian aid to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and for hosting Afghan refugees from the conflict-wracked country.

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