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Martedì 21 Marzo 2023
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Tajani: 'Immense pain' at air force pilot deaths in mid-air collision

07 marzo 2023 | 17.44
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Foreign minister Antonio Tajani has expressed "immense pain" after two air force pilots were killed near Rome when their planes collided mid-air during a training exercise and crashed to the ground.

"Immense pain at the tragic deaths of two air force pilots. My condolences to their loved ones and to the 60th Squadron," Tajani tweeted.

"My heartfelt thoughts are with the big family of the Italian air force. Rest in Peace," the tweet added.

The two U-208 lightweight aircraft crashed near the Guidonia military airport, 25 kilometres northeast of Rome, according to an Italian air force statement.

Prime minister Giorgia Meloni also sent condolences to the pilots' families and to the Italian air force.

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