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Taliban stones 'adulteress' to death in Afghanistan

09 marzo 2017 | 14.27
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The Taliban have stoned to death a married women accused of adultery in northeast Afghanistan and gave her alleged lover 100 lashes, Khaama Press reported on Thursday, citing local officials.

The woman was was put to death in the restive Badakhshan province's remote Wardoj district on Tuesday after after she and the youth were captured and tried by a Taliban court, Khaama Press said.

Taliban insurgents executed at least two women including a pregnant woman and a girl in Badakhshan last month, the news agency reported.

One of the victims was shot dead by insurgents after she rejected a marriage proposal from one of their commanders while the other woman was killed after she had left the house of her in laws, according to Khaama Press.

The Taliban has executed at least five women over various charges in Badakhshan over the the past two years, Khaama Press said, quoting statistics from local officials.

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