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'Teen killed mother after being banned from using mobile, computer'

29 ottobre 2015 | 13.11
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Police arrested a 17-year-old in southern Italy on Thursday for allegedly murdering her mother after she barred the girl from using her mobile phone and computer as a punishment for poor school grades.

No longer able to connect to social networks, the enraged teenager had planned her mother's murder and shot her in the head with a pistol while they were alone in the apartment, according to investigators.

Police were called to the family home in the Calabrian coastal city of Melito Porto Salvo on 25 May, where they found the girl's 44-year-old mother Patrizia Crivellaro's lifeless body lying in a pool of blood on her bed with a bullet wound to her temple.

The girl called her uncle for help after the shooting and had tried to pin the blame on an purported 'tall intruder' but came under suspicion when investigators found her fingerprints and traces of gunpowder on the alleged murder weapon, a pistol legally registered in her father's name.

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