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Teen kills father, tells police 'it had to be done'

27 febbraio 2017 | 13.32
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An 18-year-old lay in wait for his father and allegedly shot him dead at the family home in central Italy on Monday before calling police and confessing to the killing, telling the operator: "It had to be done."

"My name is Giacomo Ciriello, I live in Lucignano. Get over here, I've killed my Dad," the alleged killer told police in a phone call after his father Raffaele Ciriello's murder.

"It had to be done," the teen allegedly added, saying he murdered his father after a violent argument between the pair several hours earlier.

Ciriello, a blacksmith was killed with a hunting rifle as he let himself into his home in Lucignano, near the Tuscan city of Arezzo.

An autopsy was due to be performed on 51-year-old Ciriello, while his son was arrested, questioned by police and taken to jail.

The father and son worked together and were living together after Ciriello recently separated from his wife.


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