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The Safra Group To Acquire London Premier Property 30 St Mary Axe

10 novembre 2014 | 10.29
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- Iconic Office Tower is One of London's Tallest Buildings

LONDON, Nov. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Safra Group, controlled by Joseph Safra, and Deloitte, the receiver for the London property 30 St Mary Axe, today announced an agreement under which Safra will acquire 30 St. Mary Axe, a 180-meter office tower that is the second-tallest building in the City of London. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Completed in 2004, 30 St Mary Axe, otherwise known as The Gherkin, provides highly flexible space and outstanding views of London. It is an iconic part of the London skyline, recognized around the world as a great achievement by noted architect Lord Norman Foster. It encompasses approximately 50,000 square meters of office space and its largest tenants are Swiss Re and Kirkland & Ellis.

Safra Group said, "The acquisition of 30 St Mary Axe is consistent with our real estate strategy of investing in properties that are truly special – at the best locations within great cities. While only ten years old, this building is already a London icon that is distinguished from others in the market, with excellent value growth potential. We intend to make the building even better and more desirable through active ownership that will lead to a range of enhancements that will benefit tenants."

About Safra Group The Safra Group refers to the international network of businesses and investments controlled by Joseph Safra. The entities comprising the Safra Group collectively have assets under management of over $200 billion and aggregate stockholder equity of approximately $15.3 billion, operate banks and invest in other businesses across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Throughout these markets, entities within the Safra Group have deep, long-term relationships with major market participants, enabling the Safra Group to greatly enhance the value of the competitive position of the businesses in which any of the entities within the Safra Group invests.

Media Contacts for Safra Group

Mark SemerKekst and Company +1 (212) 521-4802 mark-semer@kekst.com

Robert SiegfriedKekst and Company +1 (212) 521-4832 robert-siegfried@kekst.com

Madisen ObiedoKekst and Company +1 (212) 521-4866 madisen-obiedo@kekst.com

Media Contacts for Deloitte

Will Black(+44) 20 7007 8242 wiblack@deloitte.co.uk

James Igoe(+44) 20 7303 8247 jigoe@deloitte.co.uk

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