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Time running out for Yemen says UN

14 settembre 2020 | 23.12
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Washington Post photo by Sudarsan Raghavan

The head of the United Nations World Food Programme on Monday warned that war-torn Yemen, where millions are sliding towards starvation, is on the brink of disaster.

"Time is running out for Yemen. You might think it can’t get worse. It can and it will if we don’t work together to help the people," tweeted WFP executive director David Beasley.

"War, economic collapse, COVID19 and limited access and resources are creating a recipe for disaster," the tweet added.

Rome-based WFP and its partners are urgently calling for funds for Yemen, where 13 million people are already receiving food aid.

WFP needs $703 million to maintain this vital safety net for the next six months and last week warned it might have to reduce its operations in Yemen - its largest in the world - if additional funding is not found soon.

WFP welcomed 45 million euros of funds announced by the European Union to help the most vulnerable in Yemen, where a civil war that began in 2015, a naval blockage and the presence of Al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups plunged the country into a grave humanitarian crisis.

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