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TOJOY Creates New Opportunities Within Dual Circulation Policy

02 dicembre 2020 | 10.19
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BEIJING, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently,TOJOY has promoted Chinese economic growth by connecting the resources of start-ups and traditional enterprises alike. Through its business acceleration platform, TOJOY helps companies to access the resources they need to grow nationwide, as well as upgrade legacy business models to be more competitive.

TOJOY promotes its clients' and users' projects to a network of over one million high-net-worth entrepreneurs through both online and offline events.

The increased presence has allowed TOJOY to accelerate businesses even in the face of the pandemic. Even when COVID-19 was at its peak in China, TOJOY hosted over thirty online acceleration events, attracting more than 300,000 entrepreneurs and facilitating over 20,000 cooperation agreements.

Strengthening Cooperation to Promote Domestic and International Growth

TOJOY has expanded its international business to the US, Europe, and Latin America. Despite the ongoing pandemic in other parts of the world, TOJOY did not stop its global push. Through internationally focused outreach and events, TOJOY is growing global companies and bringing more and more global entrepreneurs and companies onto the TOJOY platform.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, TOJOY has also worked with foreign embassies in China. TOJOY Global CEO Ge Jun has met with the embassies of Indonesia, Moldova and Montenegro, Armenia, the Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, and Portugal to conduct in-depth business exchanges. Some of the dialogues were selected and presented as special episodes of Ge Jun's Nightly Talk, an online business dialogue program where Ge shares his experiences on how to turn crises into opportunities during the pandemic.

TOJOY has also organized a variety of events, and Ge has participated in a variety of forums related to global business growth throughout the pandemic. By working with global economic organizations and global media, TOJOY is doing its part to spur international economic growth in conjunction with domestic growth; a clear promotion of the Dual Circulation policy.

Ge Shares His Views During Mexico’s CANACINTRA Webinar

Ge Shares His Views During Mexico's CANACINTRA Webinar

TOJOY also co-hosted the 2nd Global Unicorn Fair with the High-tech Investment Committee of the Investment Association of China (IAC). The event witnessed the debut of ten global projects, enabling cooperation between world-class global businesses and leading Chinese entrepreneurs. These win-win situations promote growth around the world, in clear support of the Dual Circulation Policy.

Among the high-profile projects being accelerated by TOJOY is healthcare services company PACS Online. With a R&D base in Seattle and a local operations team in China, the company created a set of industry-leading digitalized medical imaging equipment. PACS Online's products greatly reduce the cost of medical data and image collection and transmission. The digitization of medical images makes it much easier for patients to obtain examination results. The project achieved runaway success after its launch on TOJOY's platform. PACS Online products have now been adopted by 424 hospitals in 18 Chinese provinces.

Domestic Growth Driven By Industrial Upgrades

TOJOY has always been committed to expanding China's domestic demand and exploring growth opportunities in both domestic and international markets. The company serves as a global business empowerment platform to promote and accelerate projects that follow new economic and consumption trends across China. Under the Dual-Circulation policy TOJOY will continue to help domestic and global companies to access what they need to grow across China, and to provide traditional enterprises with new channels for upgrading.

With these services, TOJOY will grow and upgrade businesses in support of both elements of the Dual Circulation policy.

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