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Top centre-left lawmaker urges action from Conte on Middle East

03 gennaio 2020 | 20.05
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Debora Serracchiani

Senior centre-left Democratic Party MP Debora Serracchiani on Friday called on Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte to take action at European and bilateral level to combat "growing instability" in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

"The growing instability in areas such as Iraq, Syria and above all Libya is now threatening Italian interests so severely that Conte must take the initiative at the highest level with Europe and with these countries directly," Serracchiani said.

Serrachiani is vice-president of the Democratic Party, which is ruling Italy in coalition with the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement.

"Military intervention (in Libya) by Turkey will be seriously destabilising and fill a vacuum left by the absence of any European or, unfortunately, any Italian move on Libya," Serracchiani underlined.

Serracchiani was referring to the Turkish parliament's approval on Thursday of a troop deployment to Libya - a decision that has sparked international alarm and criticism from western, Arab countries and Russia.

Referring to Italy's war-torn former colony of Libya, Serrachiani said: "Making appeals (for dialogue) is all well and good."

"But we have been booted out of what was our strategic sphere of influence and are standing by helplessly as a regional power expands militarily," she warned.

Serrachiani's comments also come amid escalating tensions between Tehran and Washington after a US air strike killed Iran's top military commander and strategist in the Middle East, Qasem Soleimani overnight.

Iran vowed harsh revenge after the killing of Soleimani, who was regarded as the second most powerful figure in Iran after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the architect of Iran's growing military influence in the Middle East.

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