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Turin lecturer held 'for offering student good grades for sex'

11 novembre 2016 | 16.24
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A law professor at the University of Turin is under house arrest for allegedly demanding sex from a female student in exchange for good exam grades, police said on Friday.

Turin daily La Stampa named the academic as 47-year-old Luca Sgarbi, a professor of labour law. Prosecutors were due to question other university students who may have been targeted by Sgarbi, the paper said.

Sgarbi asked his student for sex and for explicit photos, promising her top marks if she complied and threatening to disclose details of her private life if she didn't, according to prosecutors.

The woman told prosecutors Sgarbi claimed to have recognised her in an erotic chat room earlier this year, La Stampa reported.

The suspected is under house arrest in the city of Bologna, where he lives.

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