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Turin prosecutors 'probe alleged migrant dumping incident'near French border

15 ottobre 2018 | 17.52
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Turin's law courts - FOTOGRAMMA

Prosecutors in the northwest city of Turin have opened an investigation into the alleged 'dumping' last week by a paramilitary gendarme van of two African migrants close to the border with France, Adnkronos has learned.

The Turin prosecutors have received a report from Italy's Digos law enforcement agency on the alleged incident, which is reported to have taken place in a wooded area of Claviere on Friday.

The Italian government has asked France's ambassador to "clarify" the reported incident and Italy's ambassador to France has sought similar explanations from the French government, the foreign ministry stated earlier on Monday.

Italy's anti-migrant interior minister Matteo Salvini also urged "clarity" from France over the incident. "We demand clarity especially from those who preach daily (on welcoming migrants) then please themselves," he said.

Italian investigators reportedly have the gendarme van's number plate.

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