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'Two Syrian jihadists arrested in Lebanon'

11 giugno 2015 | 15.54
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Lebanese security forces arrested two citizens suspected of belonging the Islamic State jihadist group Thursday in the northeastern Bekaa valley, the national Nna news agency reported.

The two IS suspects were arrested by Lebanese military intelligence in the village of Talya and a third suspected jihadist escaped, Nna said.

Jomaa Ahmad al-Mustafa and his brother Aziz, had in their possession military equipment and propaganda material for the Al-Qaeda aligned al-Nusra Front, according to the Nna.

There have been a raft of arrests of suspected jihadists in Lebanon in recent months and thousands of militants are believed to be hiding out in the barren mountainous area on its border.

Some 1.5 million Syrian refugees are currently living in Lebanon in informal settlements, many in the Bekaa valley.

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