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UK experts okayed Sharm security earlier this year says Egypt's president

05 novembre 2015 | 17.33
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British experts said security at Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh airport was "adequate" after a visit to the resort 10 months ago, the country's president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Thursday in London.

Al-Sisi made the remarks during an official visit to the UK which came just days after a Russian tourist jet crashed in Egypt's Sinai desert killing all 224 people on board in a possible terrorist attack.

Tourists were quoted as telling British media that security was lacklustre at Sharm El-Sheikh airport, claiming officials waved them through checkpoints with barely a glance as they played games on their mobile phones, ate and smoked.

Egypt and Britain "understand each other well" al-Sisi said after a meeting with British prime minister David Cameron at his 10 Downing Street residence.

Al-Sisi said Egypt stood ready to "help all our friends" guarantee the safety of foreign tourists visiting the country and hoped it would "get back to normal" as soon as possible.

Over 20,000 tourists were stranded in Egypt on Thursday after the British and Irish governments ordered the suspension of all flights to and from the popular resort amid fears the plane may have been downed on Saturday by a bomb smuggled on board.

Britain said on Thursday there was a significant possibility that Egypt's affiliate of the Islamic State militant group was behind a suspected bomb attack on the St Petersburg bound jet.

Russia dismissed the claim as speculation and Egypt said there was no indication so far that a bomb was to blame.

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