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Martedì 21 Marzo 2023
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Ukraine can count on Italy's 'comprehensive' support says Meloni

20 febbraio 2023 | 19.15
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Italy has given "comprehensive" financial, military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the start of Russia's year-old invasion of the former Soviet republic and will never let it down, premier Giorgia Meloni stated on Monday.

"Italy has supported Ukraine from the start with comprehensive financial, military and humanitarian aid. Ukraine knows it can count on us completely," Meloni said at a joint press conference in Warsaw after talks with her Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawieck.

Meloni was due to travel to Kiev later on Monday for talks with Ukraine's president Volodymy Zelensky aimed at underlining Italy's unwavering support and its readiness to supply warplanes if they are jointly approved by European allies.

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