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Mercoledì 18 Maggio 2022
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Ukraine conflict focus of Draghi-Biden talks

09 maggio 2022 | 22.04
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Mario Draghi (L) and Joe Biden (R)

Russia's 78-day-old invasion of Ukraine and humanitarian aid to its war-afflicted population will be at the centre of talks between Italy's premier Mario Draghi and US president Joe Biden during talks in Washington on Tuesday between the two leaders.

"At the centre of the meeting will be coordination with the Allies on measures to support the Ukrainian people and respond to the Russia's unjustified aggression," according to a statement from Draghi's office.

"Cooperation in the management of global challenges will be addressed, from energy security to combating climate change, relaunching the world economy and developing transatlantic security," said the statement.

Draghi and Biden's meeting will also be an opportunity "to reaffirm the historic friendship and strong partnership between the two countries," the statement added.

"Excellent bilateral relations will also be discussed and the strength of the transatlantic link reaffirmed," the statement went on.

During their talks, Draghi and Biden will also look at regional issues and preparations for the G7 and NATO summits next month, the statement noted.

On Wednesday, Draghi will hold a press conference at the Italian embassy and meet with House of Representatives speaker Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressional political leaders, Draghi's office stated.

Before departing, Draghi will receive the Distinguished Leadership Award 2022 at the Atlantic Council think-tank.

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