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Ukraine tops agenda at Di Maio, Habib talks

22 marzo 2022 | 21.14
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Russia's war against Ukraine was at the centre of talks on Tuesday in Rome between foreign minister Luigi Di Maio and his Lebanese counterpart Abdallah Bou Habib.

During the talks, Di Maio praised "the clear stance" taken by Lebanon in condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine which began on 24 February, according to a foreign ministry statement.

Lebanon was on of the first Middle Eastern countries to condemn Russia's "attack on Ukraine" and voted "in favour of the United Nations General Assembly resolution condemning Russia," the statement noted.

The Italian government feels "deep concern for the humanitarian situation and for the growing number of casualties across all population groups (in Ukraine," the statement went on.

“It is paramount to continue to condemn this aggression together and to support all efforts in favour of peace," Di Mao told Bou Habib, according to the statement.

The talks also looked at regional issues and bilateral cooperation, the statement said.

"Di Maio assured Minister Bou Habib that Italy considers Lebanon strategically important for the stability of the Mediterranean region and of the Middle East," the statement underlined.

Di Mao also stressed to Bou Habib Italy's "solid commitment" to providing assistance to Lebanon's most vulnerable groups and to aiding the crisis-hit country's economic recovery, said the statement.

Di Maio cited Italy's various aid projects, its participation in the United Nations peacekeeping force in the south of the country, and a bilateral mission to train Lebanese security forces as evidence of his country's determination to help safeguard Lebanon's population, the statement concluded.

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