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Ukrainian medical team 'to arrive in Italy'

03 aprile 2020 | 23.48
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Twenty intensive care doctors and nurses are due to arrive in coronavirus-hit Italy on Saturday aboard a humanitarian flight from Ukraine, sources at the foreign ministry said on Friday.

The 13 doctors and seven nurses will land at Pratica di Mare airport near Rome after foreign minster Luigi Di Maio confirmed the arrangements with Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba by phone, said the sources.

Kuleba told Di Maio that Ukraine was "happy to help Italy and is with your country," the sources said.

The Ukrainian team will come with "appropriate equipment" and will be deployed in hospitals in Italy's eastern Marche region, according to the sources.

Ukrainian medical supplies landed in Italy on Friday and a "substantial" quantity of disinfectant will arrive from Ukraine in the coming days aboard other humanitarian flights, the sources added.

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