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UN condemns deadly attack in central Libya

29 ottobre 2018 | 18.25
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Photo: AFP

The United Nations mission in Libya on Monday deplored an attack in the central Libyan town of al-Foqhain - allegedly by the Islamic State jihadist group - in which four civilians were killed including two who were publicly executed in public and at least nine abducted.

Condemning Sunday's "brutal" attack in the desert oasis town al-Foqhain, UNSMIL said it was "deeply concerned" about "the increasingly fragile security situation" in central Libya.

Libyans should "set their differences aside and cooperate to defeat the terrorist threat imperiling the stability and security of their country," UNSMIL stated.

In the attack late on Sunday, IS militants overran the police station and kidnapped several policemen. They also killed four other people, including the son of the head of Al-Fuqaha municipality, Jufra Municipal Council wrote on Facebook.

Jufra Municipality declared a three-day of mourning over the attack, according to the post.

The attack was probably revenge because some youths from the town had helped catch a local IS leader this month, Ismail al-Sharif, a lawmaker in the eastern-based House of Representatives, was quoted as saying by the Libyan Observer on its website.

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