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UN condemns reported IED attacks on Tripoli residents

25 maggio 2020 | 23.41
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The United Nations mission in war-torn Libya on Monday said it deplored the alleged use of Improvised Explosive Devices against civilians in the Ain Zara and Salahudin districts of Tripoli, calling it "grotesque".

"This grotesque transformation and deterioration of the conflict, has occurred while families were seeking the safety and comfort of their homes for the Eid holiday and demonstrates deliberate targeting of innocent civilians," UNSMIL said in a statement.

"UNSMIL strongly condemns these acts, which serve no military objective, provoke extreme fear among the population, and violate the rights of innocent civilians who must be protected under international humanitarian law," the statement added.

Eastern warlord Khalifa Haftar vowed at the weekend to press on with a nearly 14-month-old assault on Tripoli that pits his forces against militias allied to the UN-backed Government of National Accord in Tripoli.

A recent escalation in fighting comes despite increased international pressure on both sides to return to negotiating a political settlement and to halt the violence amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.

Libya has reported at least 75 cases of Covid-19 including three deaths, according to the National Centre for Disease Control.

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