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UN Lebanon mission head Del Col reaffirms its commitment to peace

22 ottobre 2020 | 19.52
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The United Nations mission in Lebanon's chief Stefano Del Col on Thursday restated UNIFIL's commitment to cementing the peace with Israel that has lasted since 2006 and to finding a long-term solution to the conflict between the two countries.

"In reaffirming UNIFIL’s commitment to maintaining and solidifying the cessation of hostilities, I urge all of you to keep working with the utmost dedication and towards sustained peace for south Lebanon,” Del Col said.

Del Col was speaking at a ceremony to mark the upcoming United Nations Day on Saturday at its headquarters in south Lebanon attended by UNIFIL personnel and senior Lebanese officials.

“We need to cherish the last 14 years of unprecedented stability in the south of Lebanon and build on it, with the commitment and the will of the parties,” Dell Col continued.

“I do hope that new developments in the south of Lebanon will allow us to move forward in the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 and in relation to the Blue Line contentions issues,” referring to the boundary with Israel.

Still in a formal state of war, Lebanon and Israel have contested their land and maritime borders for decades and this month began US-mediated talks aimed at ending their long-running sea border dispute.

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