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UN-led reconciliation only way forward for Libya - Conte

05 novembre 2018 | 18.05
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Photo: AFP

Libya will only achieve peace, stability and solid democracy through a United Nations led process of reconciliation and dialogue involving all sectors of society which respects its people's right to self-determination and which is backed by the international community, Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte said Monday during a visit to Algeria.

"Algerian premier Ahmed Ouyahia and I talked at length about Libya: the consolidation of its institutions and its economic and social development can only advance through a process of inclusive dialogue and reconciliation led by the UN in respect of the prerogatives of the Libyan people," Conte told reporters at a joint press conference with Ouyahia.

Italy is holding a high-level international conference on stabilising Libya, which is taking place in Palermo on 12-13 November, Conte recalled.

"It is essential that the international community including Algeria is fully involved, both as a participant in the project and in support the work of the UN in stabilising Libya," Conte said.

Conte said he was "extremely pleased" that Algeria had agreed to attend the Palermo conference on Libya next week.

"I personally hope that the Algerian government will make a concrete contribution," he said.

Libya's main power brokers as well as key international players have signalled they will attend the two-day conference in Palermo.

The oil-rich country has been in turmoil since the Nato-backed ouster of late dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, with rival administrations in Tripoli and the east of the country and a myriad of armed group vying for power.

Libya was an Italian colony from 1911-1943.

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