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UN Libya mission backs EU appeal for immediate ceasefire

14 maggio 2019 | 19.56
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Photo: AFP

The United Nations mission in Libya on Tuesday hailed the European Union's call for an immediate truce in war-wracked Libya, agreeing with the bloc that the fighting in Tripoli threatened the country's stability as well as international security.

"Unsmil welcomes the EU Foreign Affairs Council statement on Libya. The Mission echoes the Council’s statement and stresses that the attack on Tripoli and ensuing violence threaten international peace and security, and most importantly, the stability of Libya," read a tweet.

Unsmil backed the EU's call on Monday for the warring sides in Tripoli to immediately implement a ceasefire and to engage with the United Nations to ensure a full and comprehensive cessation of hostilities.

"Unsmil joins the EU in calling on all parties to cooperate with the UN for an immediate ceasefire. It reiterates that indiscriminate attacks on civilians & civilian infrastructures may amount to war crimes," read a separate tweet.

The warfare in Tripoli that began when eastern warlord Khalifa Haftar's militia began an assault on 5 April and met with resistance from militias loyal to the beleaguered UN-backed government has killed at least 454 people, injured at least 2,154 and displaced some 60,000, the UN said last week.

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