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UN refugee agency helped almost 100,000 people in Libya in 2018

04 gennaio 2019 | 19.14
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The United Nations refugee agency aided over 90,900 returnees and people forced from their homes by conflict in chaos-stricken Libya in 2018, UNHCR said, quoted by the Libyan Address website on Friday.

Throughout the year, UNHCR and its partner LibAid distributed non-food items, such as blankets, kitchen sets and hygiene kits, to more than 68,240 internally displaced people and returnees in 14 cities. The cities included Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirt, Misrata, Sabha and Ubari, the website cited the UN refugee agency as saying.

In addition, UNHCR and its partners ACTED and DRC provided multipurpose cash assistance to over 22,650 individuals, who used the funds to cover basic needs, including food, hygiene items, and other necessities, according to UNHCR.

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