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United Nations condemns photo-reporter's killing in Iraq

30 dicembre 2019 | 17.11
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Photo: AFP

The head of the United Nations culture organisation UNESCO on Monday deplored the shooting dead of freelance photo-reporter Ahmed Muhana al-Lami at an anti-government protest in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on 6 December.

“I condemn the use of live ammunition during the demonstration in Baghdad that led to the death of photographer Ahmed Muhana al-Lami alongside some 15 other people," said Audrey Azoulay.

"I call on the Iraqi authorities to investigate this brutal attack on civilians and ensure that those responsible are brought to trial,” Azoulay added.

Lami was covering the rally in a public square when he was hit and injured by a gunman and died from his wounds shortly afterwards in hospital.

He had been covering the protests in Baghdad since they broke out in October over a lack of basic services, unemployment, and government corruption and had posted pictures of the rallies to social media, UNESCO said.

Lami earlier covered the Iraqi government’s military campaign to retake territory held by the Islamic State jihadist group between 2015 and 2017, according to UNESCO.

Hundreds had been killed in the anti-government protests that began in Iraq in October in what is the country's most serious social crisis in decades, according to news reports.

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