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US Charitable Trust helps Fondazione Gemelli's coronavirus fight

17 marzo 2020 | 17.20
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The US Charitable Trust has agreed to back the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli's efforts to combat Italy's dramatic coronavirus outbreak and ensure treatment and help for people hit by Covid-19.

"The Board of Directors of the US Charitable Trust is proud to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with the Foundazione Gemelli," said Carlo Goria, representative in Italy to US Charitable Trust President Michele Roosevelt Edwards.

"Here in Rome it has a long history of service to the Italian and European population through which it has been able to save human lives," Goria said.

The Covid-19 epidemic has made the US Charitable Trust resolve to support the Gemelli Foundation "in every possible way in order to ease the very heavy burden" it is bearing "to give people peace of mind" Goria added.

Under the accord, the US Charitable Trust will support the investments in equipment and materials which the Fondazione Gemelli is making in several areas and will contribute to the increased management costs the Foundation is facing during the current acute phase of the coronavirus emergency.

The US Charitable Trust will also aid the Fondazione Gemelli's new 'Leon Roosevelt Edwards' Infectious Disease Centre, strengthening its capacity to respond to the risks associated with the growing phenomenon of epidemics, said the statement.

The cooperation between the two institutions stems from their shared Catholic roots and desire to meet the Italian population's growing care needs due to the coronavirus emergency.

"We are honoured by the commitment made by our American partners to which common religious belonging binds us," said Gemelli Foundation president Giovanni Raimondi.

"The help in this moment of great difficulty in our country consolidates the basis of a relationship that is destined to endure."

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