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Voting on unified Libyan executive to be held from 1-5 February - UN

22 gennaio 2021 | 00.35
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Lorenzo Tugnoli for The Washington Post. - Lorenzo Tugnoli

Libya's political and social forces will gather in Switzerland in early February to vote on candidates for a three-member unified government and for premier, the United Nations mission to Libya said in a statement on Thursday.

UNSMIL said that there will be a one-week period from 21-28 January for the submission of candidates for the three-member presidential council and prime minister following the 72-member Libyan Political Dialogue Forum's vote on Tuesday in favour of a proposed mechanism to appoint a unified interim executive.

UNSMIL also developed and released technical guidance and related forms on Thursday for the submission of candidacies in accordance with the eligibility criteria adopted by the LPDF in Tunis in mid-November, the statement said.

A committee made up of three members of the LPDF will be formed to verify the candidacies submitted and to compile the final lists of candidates for the Presidency Council for each of Libya's three main regions and for the post of premier, the statement added

UNSMIL thanked the Swiss government for agreeing to host the LPDF.

The unified interim government elected by LPDF members will be tasked with leading Libya to free and fair elections slated for 24 December - polls viewed as crucial to stabilising the war-torn country.

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