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Warfare cannot end Syrian crisis - Di Maio

15 ottobre 2019 | 16.43
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Photo: AFP

The Italian government believes that a negotiated political solution is the only way to resolve the conflict in Syria, which cannot be resolved militarily, foreign minister Luigi Di Maio said on Tuesday.

'Italy does not believe in a military response to the Syrian crisis," Di Maio told the lower house of parliament.

"History teaches us how military intervention ends up further destabilising countries...Libya and Iraq are clear examples," said Di Maio.

The government is certain that diplomacy and political dialogue are the only way forward, and that the six-day-old Turkish aerial campaign in Syria must be stopped, Di Maio said.

"We need to deploy every possible diplomatic tool to halt the Turkish offensive," Di Maio underlined.

The European Union must send "a tangible signal" at its leaders' summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday and Italy "will not fail to make an active contribution," Di Maio added.

The US has imposed sanctions on Turkish ministries and senior government officials in response to the country's military offensive in Kurdish-administered northern Syria.

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