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Woman held over newborn's death in Italy

01 giugno 2017 | 15.07
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Police on Thursday arrested a 34-year-old woman over the death of a newborn baby in Settimo Torinese in northwest Italy, who confessed to throwing him from the balcony of a second-floor apartment.

The full-term baby boy was alive when a street sweeper found him lying wrapped in a towel in the road early on Tuesday and called emergency services, but the infant died 30 minutes after reaching hospital.

The woman, who is married with a young daughter, reportedly denied she was expecting a child and told police she gave birth alone in the bathroom of the family apartment.

"I threw my baby out of the window as soon as he was born in the bathroom. I don't remember anything else," she allegedly said.

Coroners who performed an autopsy on the baby, said he had injuries compatible with being thrown onto tarmac from the height of a second-floor apartment. The baby weighed 3 kilos and was 51 cm long.

The woman's husband has also been interviewed by police and claimed he didn't hear his son being born.

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