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Women, post-Covid-19 recovery key focus of Italy's G20 presidency

15 luglio 2020 | 23.35
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Rome, 15 July (AKI)

The world needs women to help drive its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and empowering them and tackling gender inequality will be high priorities during Italy's G20 presidency next year, deputy foreign minister Emanuela Del Re tweeted on Wednesday.

"Italy is deeply committed to promoting women’s rights and empowerment," read the tweet.

Women’s empowerment will be "a relevant line of action" during Italyìs presidency of the G20, which "will focus on a resilient, inclusive and sustainable economic recovery from the (COVID-19) pandemic," the tweet added.

"Gender equality is not just for women: it is for everybody. We cannot affect change in the world if only half of us are engaged. Without women’s skills, leadership, resilience and creativity in Italy, Europe and the entire world, recovery will not be possible," read a separate tweet.

Del Re was a speaker on Wednesday at The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)'s International Conference 'Women in Industry and Innovation'.

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