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World Food Programme aided record 114m in 2020

20 marzo 2021 | 00.21
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Photo: AFP

The United Nations World Food Programme gave live-saving aid to a record 114 million people last year, its executive director David Beasley tweeted on Friday, urging nations to help save millions from famine.

"In 2020, WFP reached 114 million people with life-saving food and assistance - the highest number in our history," read the tweet.

"This wouldn't have been possible without our donors and partners. Now, this support is more critical than ever," the tweet went on.

"Together we can and must avert famine for millions of people.

WFP won the 2020 Nobel peace prize for its efforts to fight hunger, create the conditions for peace in conflict-hit areas and to combat the use of hunger as a weapon of war.

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