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Domenica 18 Aprile 2021
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XCMG Celebrates International Day of Happiness, Champions Employee Wellbeing with its Upgraded Total Health Program

18 marzo 2021 | 09.56
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XUZHOU, China, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- XCMG (000425.SZ) is launching an upgraded edition of its Total Health Program (THP) to celebrate International Day of Happiness on March 20, its first global health initiative which was introduced a year ago as a response to increasing health risk challenges and to offer support for employees worldwide to live healthy, better lifestyles.

A Squad from XCMG Excavator Unit Plays Tai Chi as Part of Exercise between Shift Breaks.

With a slogan of "Better Health, Better Future!" THP emphasizes "prevention first" and aims to help XCMG employees to improve health, immunity and strength. Through employee voting and interactive activities, THP has refreshed its operations standards and detailed rules for the initiative, promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle from the perspectives of physical and mental health on a personal level as well as creating a better working environment to improve employees' sense of happiness and satisfaction.

"Facing the crisis of the pandemic, it's important to cherish life, and one's health is the foundation of everything," said Wang Min, Chairman and CEO of XCMG. "Compared with the definition of health in a traditional sense, THP not only emphasizes physical health, but also the health of mind and spirit, society, environment, morality and literacy. It's a deeper health concept that extends to a wider range of factors."

The new THP guidelines encourage XCMG employees to complete two 30-minute workout sessions every week. Zhang Yujie from the XCMG excavator division took up running after he joined the THP in 2020 and having started from only 10 minutes has now achieved the result of completing 5kms in 30 minutes.

"Pain is inevitable, but we get to choose to push through the hardship. It's the same thing as pressure at work, so it's important to be a better self every day with just a little progress," said Zhang.

Other highlighted health measures that are being recommended as part of the new THP include:

For more information, please visit: www.xcmg.com.

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