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Xi lauds Italy's fight against coronavirus, says it will succeed

16 marzo 2020 | 19.45
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The government is doing a good job and will quash the dramatic Coronavirus outbreak that has swept Italy, infecting and killing the highest number of people in any country other than China, its president, Xi Jinping said on Monday.

In a phonecall with premier Giuseppe Conte, Xi praised Italy's coronavirus mitigation measures (which include a nationwide lockdown and a 25 billion euro package to bolster its strained health system and help families and businesses), China's embassy tweeted.

Xi also expressed China's strong support for Italy and the conviction that the country will win its battle against Covid-19, the tweet said.

Almost one third of the world's deaths from Covid-19 have occurred in Italy, Rome's Spallanzani infectious-disease hospital stated on Monday.

With 1,809 deaths, Italy makes up 29.5% of the more than 6,100 global deaths, behind China with 3,203 or 52.3% and ahead of Iran with 10% and Spain with 2.2%, the Spallanzani said.

The gap between Italy and China is narrowing since the fatality rate there is falling while Italy's is still rising, the Spallanzani said.

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