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Xinhua Silk Road: 2019 Bast and Leaf Fibres Textile Expo held in Jiangxi

05 novembre 2019 | 09.47
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BEIJING, Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2019 Bast and Leaf Fibres Textile Expo Jiangxi was held in Fenyi County, Xinyu City of Southeast China's Jiangxi Province from November 1 to 3.

Themed on "Ecological Jiangxi, Fashion Bastextile" and by showing the achievements of bast and leaf fibres textile industry, the expo aims to promote the innovative development of the industry, spread the culture of Chinese bast and leaf fibres art, deepen the international exchanges and cooperation, and create an ecological chain of the industry.

Fenyi County, known as the hometown of summer cloth, has been a famous place for bast and leaf fibres spinning since ancient times. In recent years, Fenyi has adopted microbial degumming technology on traditional handicraft, not only protecting the environment ecologically, but also maintaining sustainable development of the industry.

Fenyi County has over ten thousands peasant households involving in ramie planting, with a total planting area of more than 20,000 mu (1,333.33 hectares). Every year, Fenyi County can produce 15,000 tonnes of microbial degumming dry bast and leaf fibres, 5,000 tonnes of ramie cotton blending yarn, 1,000 tonnes of woven ramie yarn, 850,000 bolts of cloth, 1.5 million pieces of summer cloth bedding and 70 million meters of dyed printed clothing fashion fabric.

See the original link: https://en.imsilkroad.com/p/309191.html

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