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Xinhua Silk Road: Shanghai sub-contest of China (Nanxun) 4th Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest of Elite Talents held on Thursday

25 aprile 2021 | 11.26
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BEIJING, April 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Shanghai sub-contest of the 4th Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest of Elite Talents hosted by Nanxun District of Huzhou, a prefecture-level city in east China'sZhejiang Province, is held on Thursday.

The 4th Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Contest of Elite Talents was commenced on April 16, aiming at attracting elite talents from home and abroad to join the development of Nanxun.

The Shanghai event will include a roadshow and selection of ten projects which will be comprehensively evaluated from team capacity, technological innovation, project feasibility, industrialization prospect and landing feasibility.

Currently, Nanxun is striving to build three high-end industrial platforms involving the Nanxun Economic Development Zone, connected development of green and intelligent manufacturing in the Yangtze River Delta and integrated innovation cooperation, as well as "sci-tech innovation enclaves" in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, said Wen Jianfei, deputy Party chief and head of Nanxun district, at the kick-off ceremony of the contest.

The district has rolled out policies covering housing, education, etc. to provide guarantee for innovators and entrepreneurs, he noted.

Innovation and entrepreneurship contest is an important channel for talents to implement innovation achievements, and also a key means for a region to attract excellent innovation projects, he pointed out, adding that Nanxun will continue to create a better environment and provide greater support and better services to share development opportunities and achieve a better future with talents in Nanxun.

It's learned that the 4th contest is divided into two categories of entrepreneurship competition and innovation competition, and three stages of "kick-off ceremony, city sub-contests and final", targeting to introduce elite entrepreneurship projects in optoelectronic information, intelligent manufacturing, digital economy and other high-tech fields.

There will be two first-prize winners, four second-prize winners and six third-prize winners, who will be respectively awarded 300,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan. Outstanding projects will represent Nanxun to participate in the Huzhou innovation and entrepreneurship semi-final and final.

The winning projects in the municipal entrepreneurship competition can be selected into the "Southern Taihu Lake Elite Plan", a talent-introduction project of Huzhou, and receive up to six rewards of 10 million yuan.

A signing ceremony of elite talent projects was also held on the commencement day of the contest.

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