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Zoomlion Delivers CNY1.1 Billion Worth of New Generation Intelligent Construction and Agricultural Flagship Products

25 febbraio 2021 | 11.27
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CHANGSHA, China, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion) (1157.HK) on February 18 delivered a massive array of flagship products from its various industrial parks including construction machinery and agricultural machinery, totaling CNY1.1 billion ($US154.79 million), to clients across China and the globe.

The delivery featuring 12 units of large-tonnage ZCC9800W and ZCC850V crawler cranes set off from Zoomlion Lugu Industrial Park. The new generation of large-tonnage crawler cranes caters to the wind power market's growing demand for equipment that perform outstandingly in high installation weight and height operations.

"Zoomlion's crawler cranes can meet the installation requirements of wind power products at up to 170 meters, with the maximum lifting capacity reaching 3,600 tons and offer intelligent solutions such as remote monitoring and big data application to support intelligent construction," explained Liu Jianhua, Manager of Zoomlion Crawler Crane Subsidiary.

Zoomlion's market share for crawler crane ranks number one in both domestic and international markets. The company introduced eleven new crawler crane models in 2020 and set a new sales record of 5.3 billion yuan ($US820.33 million).

Liu noted that the orders for Zoomlion crawler cranes have been scheduled up to September in 2021, and the annual sales target is sprinting to reach 10 billion yuan ($US1.55 billion). Zoomlion will ensure production capacity by adding several new production lines as well as recruiting and training skilled workers.

Additionally, units of tower and truck cranes, concrete machinery, excavators, bulldozers, aerial work platforms, piling and mining machinery, emergency equipment, dry-mixed mortar and agricultural machinery are being transported to various destinations from Zoomlion's large industrial parks.

Last year, Zoomlion achieved its best operating performance and quality in history through accelerating the development of advantageous industries, expanding quickly in emerging industries, empowering strategic industries and breaking new ground in the core parts and components sector. In 2021, Zoomlion is starting a new chapter of high-quality development to continue building an advanced manufacturing enterprise worth 100 billion yuan.

About Zoomlion

Founded in 1992, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (01157.HK) is a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise that integrates engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, and financial services. The company now sells more than 600 cutting-edge products from 56 product lines covering ten significant categories.

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