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Barack Obama

In the weekly address, President Obama discusses the impact of Medicare and Medicaid on the 50th anniversary: http://t.co/SZ9Yn5PxjP

The White House

RT @StationCDRKelly: I don't freak out about anything, Mr. President. Except getting a Twitter question from you. https://t.co/AT0nvUXkq4

Hillary Clinton

Yesterday, Hillary spoke at @NatUrbanLeague on systemic racial inequality in America—and how we can help fix it: http://t.co/PbYFT8KVxO

Vladimir Putin

Interview with Swiss media http://t.co/LdovZRUeFn http://t.co/0em9Sn0Wqr

Dmitry Medvedev had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,http://bit.ly/11Hxi9

President of Russia

Congratulations to President of China Xi Jinping on Beijing hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics & Paralympics http://t.co/PPqBAYEb4f

Papa Francesco

L’ospitalità in famiglia è una virtù oggi cruciale, specialmente nelle situazioni di grande povertà.

Dalai Lama

The real troublemaker is within us. Our true enemies are our own destructive tendencies.

David Cameron

I have just spoken to @fhollande about Calais. I welcomed French efforts and we agreed to keep working together to tackle illegal migration.

UK Prime Minister

RT @DefenceHQ: Come to #London for #VJDay70 commemorations on 15 August– http://t.co/L59VlxH8E6 http://t.co/y3EYaMFLyU


This week Princess Alexandra visited clients, staff and volunteers of Integrated Neurological Services in Twickenham http://t.co/cwBXPafKfI

Dilma Rousseff

(…) e apresentar idéias e propostas para melhorar nossas ações e programas. Quando todos participam, o País fica melhor. #DialogaBrasil

Rania Al Abdullah

كل من بقلبه ذرة انسانية لا يقبل هذه الجريمة النكراء بحق الرضيع الشهيد علي #حرقوا_الرضيع

HH Sheikh Mohammed

During a visit to Dubai International Airport, which will welcome 80 million travellers this year http://t.co/OT9tNoRcs1

François Hollande

Toutes mes félicitations à Aurélie Muller, brillante et courageuse victorieuse du 10 kilomètres en eau libre aux Mondiaux 2015 de natation.

Nicolás Maduro

Activaré inversiones y acciones para el desarrollo de la mayor reserva petrolera Mundial,recuperada por Chávez y la Revolución Bolivariana..

Mariano Rajoy Brey

RT @PPopular: .@Albiol_XG: “El Gobierno de España está deseando tener enfrente a un Govern leal para trabajar por los catalanes” http://t.c…

Shimon Peres

I searched for a job and found my calling https://t.co/S8KgiU4BMx