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Barack Obama

Michelle and I are thinking of the victims and their families in Barcelona. Americans will always stand with our Spanish friends. Un abrazo.

The White House

RT @realDonaldTrump: Donald E. Ballard, on behalf of the people of the United States, THANK YOU for your courageous service. YOU INSPIRE US…

Hillary Clinton

RT @SimonBooks: “Writing ‘What Happened’ was hard, so is what we see every day. I hope this helps.” – @HillaryClinton https://t.co/1WhcMhhF…

Farah Baker

RT @theIMEU: A five year old boy in Gaza is dead as a result of sea pollution https://t.co/mtRsmcvxqZ https://t.co/Yef0aPi2es

Vladimir Putin

Greetings to participants in the 20th Russian Art Festival in #Cannes https://t.co/bK4WmgkguH

Dmitry Medvedev had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,http://bit.ly/11Hxi9

President of Russia

Meeting with President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan https://t.co/EEfoxbMEAn https://t.co/DyCjqTUahe

Papa Francesco

Il Signore è vicino a quanti sono vittime di antiche e nuove schiavitù: lavori disumani, traffici illeciti, sfruttamento.

Dalai Lama

By learning to be more warm-hearted we can create a more compassionate world.

David Cameron

Well done @MattWarman & #NCSSkegness! It's great to see MPs getting stuck in & supporting @NCS in constituencies ac… https://t.co/gghejldTw1

UK Prime Minister

PM visits @ADLbus to mark Mexico deal: “We are building a truly global Britain.” 🇬🇧 🇲🇽 https://t.co/3R6dwL4lEN https://t.co/xIvdjZcDtm

Dilma Rousseff


Rania Al Abdullah

مشروع خارج أسوار المتحف فكرة رائعة هدفها إيصال تجربة التعلم الممتعة للأطفال الذين لا يمكنهم زيارة المتحف بأنفسهم- ك… https://t.co/XUfQjekrhQ

HH Sheikh Mohammed

A leader’s legacy endures when he empowers his people, spreads the virtues of loyalty and cohesion and plants the seeds of innovation.

François Hollande

Toute ma solidarité aux victimes de l'attentat de Barcelone. >>> https://t.co/kJEstE5Bjy

Nicolás Maduro

RT @VillegasPoljak: ANC1999 reguló al Congreso, @hcapriles pataleó y CSJ dictó: Poder Constituyente es autónomo ilimitado e indivisible htt…

Mariano Rajoy Brey

RT @es_INE: El crecimiento anual de la economía en el 2ºT/2017 es del 3,1%; frente al 3,0% del primer trimestre 2017 #INE #PIB https://t.co…

Shimon Peres

President Peres' dreams enabled him to accomplish incredible things over his lifetime! Keep dreaming!… https://t.co/WGOwvCv4bM