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Barack Obama

We asked. You answered. https://t.co/mAJvko6VqR

The White House

Join us at 11am EST for @POTUS Trump's Weekly Address: https://t.co/C0TY0EP6OH https://t.co/8W9mSEswNp

Hillary Clinton

Congrats to @DNC chair @TomPerez & deputy @keithellison. Excited for strong, unified party standing for best of our country into the future.

Farah Baker


Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the Defender of the Fatherland Day… https://t.co/TtDq35drIA

Dmitry Medvedev had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,http://bit.ly/11Hxi9

President of Russia

Message to participants, organisers and guests of 3rd CISM Military World Winter Games https://t.co/3zwSz6avgq

Papa Francesco

Annunciando a tutti l’amore e la tenerezza di Gesù, diventiamo apostoli della gioia del Vangelo. E la gioia è contagiosa!

Dalai Lama

We have to cultivate a vision of a happier, more peaceful future and make the effort now to bring it about.

David Cameron

Many congratulations to our new MP Trudy Harrison and @Conservatives. Fantastic result - real electoral history mad… https://t.co/ULSUThmFV2

UK Prime Minister

PM met with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi at Downing Street today. They spoke about security, defence and trade:… https://t.co/bYO1fsRMvS

Dilma Rousseff

Artigo de Marcelo Zero no @brasil247: "Entreguismo poderá sepultar o golpe" https://t.co/cn9hqF42u8

Rania Al Abdullah

اليوم وصلت إدراك @edraak لمليون مسجل ومتعلم، مبروك ويعطيكم العافية https://t.co/z6VxUDHGuI

HH Sheikh Mohammed

أهل الكويت أهلي وإخوتي.. وأميرهم صديق ومعلم وأخ كبير. وعلاقة الشعبين علاقة قرابة ونسب ومحبة .. نسأل الله أن يحفظ ال… https://t.co/4fXh4e3OqR

François Hollande

Je suis là comme président de la République. Je n'ai qu'une ambition montrer mon soutien aux agriculteurs. Je leur… https://t.co/Adh09Nn6NN

Nicolás Maduro

Documentos fundamentales revisados y aprobados por el Comando Central Bolivariano,todas las UBCH y CLP deben asumir… https://t.co/mzEFBUKs02

Mariano Rajoy Brey

Nos ha dejado un luchador, un ejemplo de vitalidad. Mi recuerdo está con la familia de Pablo Ráez, un afectuoso abrazo #donamédula. MR

Shimon Peres

In a land lacking natural resources & treasure from the ground we became the Startup Nation thanks to our human tre… https://t.co/e96knf6gOu