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Barack Obama

Just got off a call to thank folks who are working hard to help more Americans across the country sign up for healt… https://t.co/A9QvCySWJ8

The White House

F.H. Buckley: "GOP tax bill is good for middle-class Americans" https://t.co/MMMmARVtVp

Hillary Clinton

If you don't live in an area that could be affected, read this to see how you can help those who do: https://t.co/QTJROuLU1k

Farah Baker

@ZiliaCastrillon Morning, about 9-10 am Gaza time

Vladimir Putin

Russian-Turkish talks https://t.co/OkAR0b4hmt https://t.co/zAnDLStS35

Dmitry Medvedev had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,http://bit.ly/11Hxi9

President of Russia

#Ankara: Russian-Turkish talks, press statements https://t.co/nI926A89ho https://t.co/2p9JV45jv3

Papa Francesco

Grazie a tutti voi che seguite @Pontifex che oggi compie cinque anni. Le reti sociali siano luoghi ricchi di umanità!

Dalai Lama

Meditation is about keeping the mind clear; thinking deeply about reality. It’s about thinking about our emotions,… https://t.co/sxn4sU2SH9

David Cameron

Nearly 100m children vaccinated thanks to UK aid 2011-16. That’s nearly 1.5m lives saved; lives that would've been… https://t.co/eEjrv6haJf

UK Prime Minister

RT @foreignoffice: Climate change is a genuine threat to humanity. We need to apply pressure and incentivise each other to do more. UK Cli…

Dilma Rousseff


Rania Al Abdullah

شعلة التعليم التي تحملونها ستبقى متقدة في عيون أطفالنا لتنير لهم طريق النجاح. مبروك لجميع المعلمين والمدراء الذين ف… https://t.co/Z0DiTQomXm

HH Sheikh Mohammed

Many Arab countries will witness major economic reforms next year. I am optimistic that it will be an economically… https://t.co/XjDq5d3pGv

François Hollande

Johnny est parti dans la nuit. Nous aurions tellement aimé le retenir. Chacun se sent un peu seul aujourd’hui. Il a… https://t.co/Yv6DzPqZIm

Nicolás Maduro

RT @CorazonDelPSUV: #Entérate | Presidente Maduro rumbo a Estambul Turquía https://t.co/WJ2TfZQErr https://t.co/wG9mujuvIj

Mariano Rajoy Brey

Saludo a @antonioguterres y @JimYongKim en el II aniversario del histórico Acuerdo de París. La UE es líder en polí… https://t.co/w3dAVOzP7v

Shimon Peres

President Peres was a strong advocate of innovation, both in Israel and the world. #NoRoomforSmallDreams https://t.co/xWz4jYHhpy