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Barack Obama

DEADLINE: Today is your last chance to show your support for updated overtime rules. http://t.co/SuhAfiFgRy #FixOvertime

The White House

Happy #NationalWildlifeDay! Check out the wildlife that @POTUS saw on his trip to Alaska → http://t.co/qNLETToEa6 http://t.co/YXNsg0u3dU

Hillary Clinton

Hillary sat down with @mitchellreports to talk about everything from her emails to her vision for America. Watch: https://t.co/oXOCQ9n4Lc

Guess What

@linkacide i study business administration at Al-Azhar university in Gaza

Vladimir Putin

Russian-Chinese talks http://t.co/r2mRxxbi3v #Beijing http://t.co/zvrRDZXv31

Dmitry Medvedev had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,http://bit.ly/11Hxi9

President of Russia

Replies to media questions #EEF: the Russian economy, oil prices, social policy http://t.co/KUygkE5PJb http://t.co/VJEdUVqgdd

Papa Francesco

La guerra è madre di tutte le povertà, una grande predatrice di vite e di anime.

Dalai Lama

The goal of happier human beings living together, supporting each other, in a more peaceful world, is, I believe, something we can achieve.

David Cameron

Taking refugees direct from camps allows a safe route to the UK, rather than the hazardous journey that's cost so many lives (2/2).

UK Prime Minister

.@valwilsonTK wins today's #PointsofLight for setting up @team_kenya - empowering young people in Kenya through education and enterprise


Her Majesty was the first British Sovereign to travel to the Middle East in 1979 http://t.co/8mMy1cxKvf

Dilma Rousseff

RT @MDSComunicacao: Dilma: "O Thiago Costa representa o Brasil q dá certo. Ele tem uma família beneficiária do #BolsaFamília e é medalha de…

Rania Al Abdullah

أكثر من 13 مليون طفل لم يستطيعوا الذهاب الى صفوفهم بسبب العنف والتشرد و انعدام الأمن #تعليم_في_خط_النار http://t.co/FOK87K32HX

HH Sheikh Mohammed

شعب الامارات اليوم وقف وقفة رجال خلف قيادته ودولة الامارات ثابتة على موقفها التاريخي في التحالف الذي تقوده المملكة حتى تحقيق النصر باذن الله

François Hollande

Face au drame des réfugiés, nous proposons avec Angela Merkel un mécanisme d'accueil permanent et obligatoire en Europe.

Nicolás Maduro

Las Vicepresidencias las asumirán tres Mujeres...la Política la M. Delcy Rodríguez,la Social Gladys Requena y la del Socialismo Isis Ochoa..

Mariano Rajoy Brey

RT @Sorayapp: El Gobierno cumple con su compromiso de devolver un 26,3% la paga extraordinaria antes de final de este año #CMin http://t.co…

Shimon Peres

I searched for a job and found my calling https://t.co/S8KgiU4BMx