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Barack Obama

Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless stu… https://t.co/wXO3wBtJ8V

The White House

.@SecAzar writes in CNN that “In particular, we need to be opening up more affordable alternatives to Affordable Ca… https://t.co/LCgZj3sro4

Hillary Clinton

Women’s rights are human rights. That was a radical idea back in 1995. It shouldn’t still be two decades later. https://t.co/BYZR7nI8Qh

Farah Baker

The suffering of the Palestinians imprisoned in #Gaza Strip while waiting their permissions to cross Rafah Crossing… https://t.co/NuObH5cd7Z

Vladimir Putin

Accreditation is now open for journalists to cover the annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly https://t.co/LFddV0ogav

Dmitry Medvedev had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,http://bit.ly/11Hxi9

President of Russia

The President examined a model of the future Era technopolis https://t.co/Abi71PXHlX https://t.co/OSjrX6eJcV

Papa Francesco

Il nostro Padre celeste ascolta sempre i suoi figli che gridano a Lui nel dolore. Offriamogli oggi una Giornata di… https://t.co/1q42HggOmZ

Dalai Lama

Practicing compassion, caring for others and sharing their problems, lays the foundation for a meaningful life, not… https://t.co/uxCctovIlU

David Cameron

We’re halfway there. The 100,000 Genomes Project I helped set up in 2013 has hit the 50,000 mark. More research mea… https://t.co/2RdBSn0ept

(UK Prime Minister)

Follow @10DowningStreet for the latest from the UK Prime Minister

Dilma Rousseff

Mercadante rebate ataques a Dilma e mostra solidariedade a Luiz Felipe Miguel, da UnB, e professores da Unicamp que… https://t.co/4NSRU09BM5

Rania Al Abdullah

The suffering of children in Eastern Ghouta cannot be a forgone conclusion of Syria’s war. Innocent civilians canno… https://t.co/OGFYbhB3zq

HH Sheikh Mohammed

إلى كويت المحبة .. قيادة وشعبا .. كل التهنئة بمناسبة أعيادكم الوطنية المجيدة .. أعيادكم عيد لنا .. .. ومناسباتكم فر… https://t.co/b2vGB32JSp

François Hollande

France Gall était une chanteuse lumineuse, qui a su donner sa voix aux plus grands auteurs. Elle a fait de ses chan… https://t.co/4U0URgRK3T

Nicolás Maduro

RT @NicolasMaduro: Muy feliz por haber conversado con ustedes en Facebook Live sobre lanzamiento del Petro. ¿Se lo perdieron? Les dejo un r…

Mariano Rajoy Brey

Os invito a ver el vídeo resumen de mi comparecencia ante los medios tras la conferencia internacional sobre el… https://t.co/vu8Qb8cwZD

Shimon Peres

President Peres was a strong advocate of innovation, both in Israel and the world. #NoRoomforSmallDreams https://t.co/xWz4jYHhpy