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Barack Obama

Tomorrow is the last day—add your name if you agree it's time to #FixOvertime for millions of middle-class families: http://t.co/PM2jrrjXSG

The White House

Travel to the edge of a glacier with @POTUS and see the serious impacts of climate change → http://t.co/Bj2OH3qUJM https://t.co/5y0EZGSgSK

Hillary Clinton

Marriage equality is the law of the land. Officials should be held to their duty to uphold the law—end of story. https://t.co/9WfxgULBga

Guess What

Good morning from #Gaza photo by Ali Jadallah http://t.co/gc98TKA1Yo

Vladimir Putin

Russian-Chinese talks http://t.co/r2mRxxbi3v #Beijing http://t.co/zvrRDZXv31

Dmitry Medvedev had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,http://bit.ly/11Hxi9

President of Russia

Vladimir Putin has arrived in #Vladivostok to attend the first Eastern Economic Forum #EEF http://t.co/eL0oCzx1rO

Papa Francesco

Oggi è la Giornata Mondiale di Preghiera per la Cura del Creato. Preghiamo e operiamo.

Dalai Lama

The goal of happier human beings living together, supporting each other, in a more peaceful world, is, I believe, something we can achieve.

David Cameron

I spoke today at Corby Technical College about our plans to help 500 new free schools open over the next 5 years: https://t.co/epEqWCzDGK

UK Prime Minister

Today’s #PointsofLight is Dave Thompson for his work with @HearingDogs, helping unite deaf people with hearing dogs http://t.co/zdxUvRGUBa


The Queen visited 28 Commonwealth Countries in the 1960s, including Ghana, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and Canada http://t.co/nOOo8Oo1LU

Dilma Rousseff

RT @MDSComunicacao: Dilma: "O Thiago Costa representa o Brasil q dá certo. Ele tem uma família beneficiária do #BolsaFamília e é medalha de…

Rania Al Abdullah

#الأردن...نموذج يحتذى به في الرأفة باللاجئين http://t.co/oqri4xd1D9

HH Sheikh Mohammed

زادنا كثر الخطر عزم وعناد وكلما يزيد الخطر نرويه دم http://t.co/bDqIPFZ5dR

François Hollande

Face au drame des réfugiés, nous proposons avec Angela Merkel un mécanisme d'accueil permanent et obligatoire en Europe.

Nicolás Maduro

RT @teleSURtv: #GaleanoPorSiempre | Galeano, la voz abierta de América Latina http://t.co/y18TObpGK9 http://t.co/AWoLfb0f6n

Mariano Rajoy Brey

RT @Haciendayaapp: Montoro anuncia que la recaudación tributaria hasta agosto crece por encima del 5% http://t.co/oErGF8k10Y

Shimon Peres

I searched for a job and found my calling https://t.co/S8KgiU4BMx