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Barack Obama

"This is an issue of basic fairness: If you work longer and you work harder, you should get paid for it." —President Obama #FixOvertime

The White House

RT @USDOL: "This is an issue of basic fairness. If you work longer, you deserve to get paid for it." —@POTUS in Wisconsin on proposed #over…

Hillary Clinton

What this campaign is about: Building a future where every American has the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead. http://t.co/e7myYGuS12

Guess What

https://t.co/QR1qnO1n58 #freebird @MhmdQryq

Vladimir Putin

Meeting with heads of major foreign companies and business associations (video) http://t.co/TVfcLkkm5F http://t.co/PCo6svYPb0

Dmitry Medvedev had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,http://bit.ly/11Hxi9

President of Russia

Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to President of the Philippines Benigno Aquino III http://t.co/gPyBgwAiey

Papa Francesco

Una grande sfida: smettere di rovinare il giardino che Dio ci ha affidato perché tutti possano goderne.

Dalai Lama

We all want to be happy and avoid suffering, and we all have a right to be happy. That’s why I say we are all the same.

David Cameron

It is deeply moving to see the bodies of people killed in Tunisia being brought back home.

UK Prime Minister

Di Redfern is today’s #PointsofLight, helping disabled people enjoy horseriding for nearly 50 years with @RDANational


@Edinburgh_CC You've been quoted in my #Storify story "#QueeninScotland: Holyrood Week 2015" http://t.co/6wMgNM3cuD

Dilma Rousseff

RT @CondoleezzaRice: An honor to welcome Brazilian President @dilmabr to @HooverInst @Stanford. Great discussion w/Silicon Valley execs! ht…

Rania Al Abdullah

#EVERYchild deserves a fair chance in life. Our future depends on it. Read @UNICEF report http://t.co/8GjwcwuRNV http://t.co/oeLcCWmDuX

HH Sheikh Mohammed

فخور بالدكتور عارف النورياني وفريق مركز القلب بمستشفى القاسمي .. وسيبقى دعم هذا القطاع على رأس أولوياتنا وصولا لأفضل المستويات العالمية

François Hollande

Je salue l'annonce de la contribution nationale de la Chine faite depuis Paris pour la @COP21, un signe de soutien et de confiance.

Nicolás Maduro

RT @VTVcanal8: En 7.421,67 Bs. se ubicará a partir de hoy el salario mínimo http://t.co/PhCklBaR1Y http://t.co/mTLXhamGk3

Mariano Rajoy Brey

RT @desdelamoncloa: Ya está disponible el vídeo resumen de @marianorajoy en el XXIX aniversario del diario @expansioncom #RajoyExpansión ht…

Shimon Peres

I searched for a job and found my calling https://t.co/S8KgiU4BMx