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Barack Obama

RT @ObamaFoundation: It’s a beautiful day on the South Side. https://t.co/PtoaFbww0s

The White House

Today at @Interior, @POTUS, with @VP and @SecretaryZinke, signed the EO to review the Antiquities Act:… https://t.co/Ii9BIVWXX5

Hillary Clinton

Help rangers protect the elephants. Go to https://t.co/pqxZttyOGh. #EarthDay #Tribeca2017

Farah Baker

@JamMastaJ The same as twitter farah_gazan

Vladimir Putin

Visit to NPO Saturn Research and Production Company https://t.co/lQB72LWjvH https://t.co/qjc8Cavn75

Dmitry Medvedev had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu,http://bit.ly/11Hxi9

President of Russia

Meeting with Federal Anti-Monopoly Service Head Igor Artemyev: draft law on promoting competition, utilities rates https://t.co/Tk6K8O2VN2

Papa Francesco

Promuoviamo l’amicizia e il rispetto tra uomini e donne di diverse tradizioni religiose per costruire un mondo di pace.

Dalai Lama

It is in the nature of the mind that the more we cultivate and familiarize ourselves with positive emotions, the more powerful they become.

David Cameron

Launched @WeProtect in London 2014 to combat online child exploitation. Good to meet @UNICEF & @ECPAT in Bangkok to… https://t.co/osR8p6Ih1J

UK Prime Minister

PM: I send my warmest wishes to everyone celebrating St George’s Day. https://t.co/nNWYkLId0U

Dilma Rousseff

A sociedade brasileira exige a punição dos responsáveis, diretos e mandantes. https://t.co/IWnY7hb9XR

Rania Al Abdullah

الصورة مش واسعه Photobomb ambush! #Selfie ❤️ https://t.co/UHz3ZDEmej

HH Sheikh Mohammed

احتفلنا اليوم بتكريم المتميزين .. والفائز الأكبر اليوم كانت مسيرة التنمية في وطننا والسباق المستمر بين الجميع لخدمة… https://t.co/L5XCLMUNOQ

François Hollande

Aujourd'hui, la Nation toute entière exprime sa profonde gratitude et sa reconnaissance au capitaine Xavier Jugelé.

Nicolás Maduro

Los jóvenes son la verdadera garantía de la Paz para la Patria Bolivariana ¡ #PatriaJovenPorLaPaz ! https://t.co/pQ9wXd36Ud

Mariano Rajoy Brey

Un honor recibir las llaves de la hermosa #Montevideo, símbolo de apertura y amistad. Las tomo en nombre de todos l… https://t.co/2bG5kmDIJt

Shimon Peres

In a land lacking natural resources & treasure from the ground we became the Startup Nation thanks to our human tre… https://t.co/e96knf6gOu