League party lawmaker visits UK Lebanon Tech Hub

League Party MP and co-chair of the Economic Panel of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, Giulio Centemero, visited the UK Lebanon Tech Hub incubator in Beirut, Lebanon and met its chief executive Nadim Zaazaa on Friday.

The UK Lebanon Tech Hub dedicated to technology startups has raised 63 million dollars in investments, supported 81 startups and created two thousand jobs in its four years of existence. It currently holds 224 million dollars per portfolio.

Together with Zaazaa, Centemero analysed the needs of the market from a regulatory and financial point of view to develop a vision that is as organic as possible and oriented towards the peace and prosperity of the area, which has also seen heightened tensions this month.

Centemero and Zaazaa's fruitful meeting brought many useful insights for the realization of the projects identified during the 4-5 July panel held at the Italian Stock Exchange on "Alternative Capital Markets" for the Mediterranean.

Dialogue between Assembly states continued with Friday's meeting following guidelines that emerged during the panel: creating a Start Up Market, an Impact Investment fund and a regional fund for coastal states.