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Haier Nahui Attended Key Energy 2023

25 marzo 2023 | 09.02
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Contributing to the Construction of a European Green Home Living System

RIMINI, Italy, March 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Key Energy 2023 was held in Rimini Expo Centre, Italy, from March 22-24. The exhibition was focused on renewable energy and energy transition, showcasing energy solutions for industry and households to achieve sustainable development. Haier embraces social responsibility, is focused on sustainable development, and is thus developing a new dedicated energy division. Haier Nahui New Energy decided to participate to the show with its E²solutions, including: photovoltaic storage and heat pump multi-scenario integration solutions, Home smart energy management system, as well as a number of unique technologies, which attracted many companies to come and visit the booth.

The advantages of photovoltaic, storage and heat pump integration systems are obvious, paving the way for a new era of domestic self-sufficiency.

The photovoltaic storage sector has ushered in new development prospects in the context of energy upgrading and transformation, and more and more families desire to maximize the use of photovoltaic energy through energy storage to reduce household power bills.

The scenario solutions of Nahui New Energy drew a lot of attention from photovoltaic storage sector practitioners coming from all around the world during this exhibition. Photovoltaic storage integration solutions for household use, photovoltaic storage+heat pump solutions with the highest efficiency of energy conversion, and smart energy solutions integrating power generation, power storage, power saving, power management, and power sales are among the three scenario solutions offered by Haier Nahui New Energy.

These three solutions are characterized by ease of installation, one-stop customized service, and intelligent operation and maintenance, providing European consumers with the maximum experience value.

Additionally, Nahui New Energy perfectly integrates the smart power features into the solutions through the integration with the Haier Smart Home Europe APP "hOn". The combination of smart electricity consumption and smart homes offers customers a smart living and green life plan, propelling in the era of self-energy in European homes.

Innovative products have been introduced in Europe, and they have been favorably embraced by local consumers.

Nahui New Energy also showcased several different innovative products with the major lines being safety, intelligence, and all-in-one machine. Take, for example, the stacked residential ESS, that features a compact body with a large capacity, is easy to install, no stacked connections are required, and the high-quality battery cells provide safe power. This even supports old and new battery mix and lossless expansion to accommodate various scenarios. The company reports that the product has been already launched in the Czech Republic, fully meeting the needs of the European market and winning the favor of local consumers thanks to three key features: convenience, safety, and quality service.

Dealing with the new advancement brought about by the combined development of "photovoltaic storage and heat pump," Haier Nahui New Energy will enable European families in developing a smart green life system through its constantly innovative and iterative solutions and digital solutions.

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