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Midea Introduces the Latest Multi-Split Systems

15 marzo 2023 | 16.11
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FRANKFURT, Germany, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The ever-mounting climate and energy crisis presents new challenges for companies to think beyond conventional design concepts and create innovative products that will pave the way for a sustainable future. One company committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable technology is Midea, an innovator and pioneer of smart home solutions. Paolo Lorini, Head of Midea RAC Design Milan  (MRDM) has teamed up with Matteo Nunziati, a top Italian interior designer, to introduce Midea's new multi-split system with a focus on innovating heat recovery technology, an all year round one-stop heat pump solution.

Matteo Nunziati is considered one of the most talented interior designers of his generation. He specializes in luxury hotels, residential projects and has completed many interior design projects across the globe.

For Matteo Nunziati, a holistic design takes into account not only sustainability but also functionality and aesthetics, promoting the interrelationships between objects and the environments that surround them. While creating a home with the best air solution and water heating solution, Matteo Nunziati introduced that his focus was on aesthetic appeal, durability, and sustainability while keeping it economical. Midea's new multi splits system with integrated water heating exemplify this approach.

The idea is echoed by Paolo Lorini, who said that Midea clearly identified the European market demand for an all-in-one, compact, and green solution that minimizes both the running costs and space required for end users. As he explained, most homes today are installed with several independent systems, with an air conditioner for the summer, floor heating for the winter, and a gas boiler for all-year water heating, which are inefficient, cost too much to run and maintain, and take up a lot of home space.

"Midea has created something completely different: we have integrated all the above systems into a multi-spilt solution that supports up to four indoor air conditioning units, capable of cooling and heating the space, and a water heating module, all connected to a single outdoor unit with heat recovery technology.

In summer, free domestic hot water is available when the air-conditioner is running, as its energy can be recovered and reused for water heating. The system comes in two options for households with different priorities. The model equipped with a hydro unit is designed for users who need both the space heating and hot water supply at no additional cost, while one the with a coil water tank allows for fast air cooling and heating while providing hot water the whole year." said Paolo.

"Environmentally friendly, versatile, and easy to install, the new all-in-one system is a game changer that will push Midea to the forefront of residential split system development. Midea is excited to offer this revolutionary system to our global customers, and we are confident that it will set a new standard for the industry," he added.

In an introduction video created by award-winning independent creative agency F5 Shanghai collaborating with Italian multidisciplinary creative studio Mybosswas, Matteo Nunziati and Paolo Lorini discussed interesting topics like sustainability, aesthetics and energy saving. These are the topics highly mentioned nowadays and to which the Midea Multi Splits System has given a solution.

About Midea Residential Air Conditioner Division

The Midea Residential Air Conditioner Division ("Midea RAC") offers a full range of residential AC products from splits, window, and portable ACs to dehumidifiers and light commercial units. With 11 manufacturing bases in China, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Brazil, and Argentina, Midea RAC's air conditioner annual production capacity exceeds 67 million sets.

Video - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2032803/Video1.mp4

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2030435/image_5026356_32265540.jpg

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